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WELCOME to the official website of German musician NOAH-BENEDIKT! Here you will find all the information you need to know about the 18-year-old singer-songwriter and producer - from his latest releases, upcoming live performances, insights into his artistic vision and work process, as well as booking options. Immerse yourself in his unique world and be inspired by his music.

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Stay tuned for the upcoming release of 'Daydream'

- a collab-original song with Camille K

-- 07/07/2023 --


Here you will find all the artist's current releases and collaborations.

Twilight Cover 1440px.jpg

Noah-Benedikt's latest single 'Twilight' - now available on all the streaming platforms!

Never Forget 3000px.jpg

The current album 'Never Forget' - now available on all streaming platforms!

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The latest project with the amazing singer songwriter Camille K from Philadelphia USA

Never Forget

Every Tuesday, the artist releases new videos on his YouTube-Channel - from saxophone cover songs to massive music projects. Experience Noah-Benedikt's music in a whole new dimension and subscribe to his channel to be in the front row when new videos are released - it's worth it!

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