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I am Noah-Benedikt, 19 years old, and I've been wandering with my thoughts everywhere and nowhere for as long as I can remember. Moving back and forth between my studies and the studio, I joyfully navigate through my life while letting the daily changing tasks in all areas entertain me.

I am probably best known as a singer, saxophonist, musician, producer, songwriter, and videographer, and in this role, I also switch between my office - the studio, my living room - the stage, and my personal storage room for everything I do - the internet.

In the studio, I have already recorded multiple albums, conceived and executed various projects, and extended my reach through international collaborations around the world. In addition to numerous singles and thousands of streams, my YouTube channel is also growing, entertaining tens of thousands of people worldwide every month.

My home are the stages all around the world as well as the wonderful city Magdeburg in Germany. Whether in Sweden, Germany, or France, I perform wherever the music takes me. As a singer for a conference, a pianist at an award ceremony, or a saxophonist for the unveiling of the next supercar, I bring the Noah-Benedikt touch to the environment I'm placed in, enhancing any event like a seal of quality.

With over 35 original songs and more than 300 cover titles spanning the last 40 years, my repertoire couldn't be more diverse. Since my stage debut in 2014, I have spent nearly a decade in my "living room," gathering experience that I now bring to the events that seek my presence. Noah-Benedikt represents modernity, entertainment, and quality.

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