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Midnight Symphony

Updated: Jan 13

Press Release Midnight Symphony
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With the release of his first single in 2024, Noah-Benedikt, alongside Belgian standout talent JINTHE – a finalist in the local "The Voice Kids" show, delves into uncharted territories. Building on the success of 2023, which saw chart-topping acclaim on the world's largest independent artist radio, aBreak 58, and over 150,000 total streams in the final quarter, Noah-Benedikt takes a bold departure in their latest offering – an 80s-style rock ballad.

Collaborating on this musical journey, both artists weave a narrative emphasizing that no one has to face solitude with music as a companion. Music has the power to connect us all. - A world without it is like a date without a partner. Following positive feedback from esteemed producers, musicians, and extensive press coverage, the new song is now ready for its public debut. Stefan Katali, a guitarist from one of the region's prominent bands, lends his musical abilities to this tune by playing the electric guitars.





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